Around since 1974 and made of all natural bee’s wax, this product was named the best furniture polish by House Beautiful. It cleans, protects and preserves wood, bringing back the original finish and luster. It is completely food safe, leaves no buildup, requires no buffing and leaves no fingerprints.  Can be used on all types of fine furniture including antiques.

Not just for wood, it can be used on:

  • Glass – An excellent glass and mirror cleaner which prevents fogging.
  • Stainless steel – Works beautifully to clean these surfaces and won’t leave fingerprints.
  • Marble, Granite, Corian and Silestone Countertops – This food safe product helps make these countertops acid resistant to protect from spills of high acid liquids such as coffee, orange juice, etc.
  • Showers – Prevents soap scum buildup and helps surfaces stay vibrant.
  • Leather – Cleans, moisturizes and restores vibrant colour to leather furniture, car seats, shoes, purses, etc. with no greasy feel.